{Wallet On The Go}

Look who’s wearing the {WOG}!

Is it true that a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts? I'd like to think so. Happy St. Patrick's Day, and please wear your {WOG}!

Look who’s wearing the {WOG}!

Everything about Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria’s life is restricted: her freedom, her dreams, her body… and she knows that if she does not get this lamp shade off her neck, she will end up as a 16 year old with tunnel vision married to a 53 year old man.

Good thing she has her {WOG}, these interminable hours of portrait sitting will soon be over… she has her bus pass, she has her bankcard… “Adventure” is out there!


Practically perfect monochromes. Neutrals tones can be the easiest color for an accessory, as they go with just about everything. The {Wallet-On-The-Go} holds your identification, a couple of cards and a little cash, and is just the thing for those of you who often wonder who you are, and why you’re there… and, conversely for those who also need to know who you are, and why you’re there…

New Colors!

I am adding new colors to the {wallet-on-the-go}, something to please everyone… view them in my shop and let me know what you think!

Look who’s wearing the {WOG}!

Just when it seemed like the good old days of rebellious eccentricity were over, you nabbed *this* at the thrift store. You are the first to admit your perverse obsession with balloons, yet you don’t really know what this is. It is defiantly ridiculous but you will wear it… because, after all,  you are a masterpiece in yourself and will pay homage to the chi chi, style obsessed ethos and love of ‘the perfect circle’, culminating in a fusion of curvaceous chic, spank-me-spandex, free floating spheres and blow up couture. And while it’s not the most practical of outfits, it’s cool and you know you’ll be channeling your inner rabbit, as well as everyones wireless signals.

How will you carry your essentials without pockets or hands you ask? Why with your {Wallet-On-The-Go} you silly wabbit! The {Wallet-On-The-Go} really is the best accessory for those who are overwhelmingly preoccupied with appearance because even when they can’t see it, they know it’s there.

* with thanks to Gareth Pugh

Look who’s wearing the {WOG}!

Heaven and earth may rejoice at her coming, but this prescribed naturist and mother of 5 has to be practical without being hampered. Try juggling countless lovers, children, graces, gods and zephyrs, only wearing whatever breeze happens to be blowing! You will quickly find out that a scallop shell is not enough.

Shown in our popular magenta color, the{Wallet-On-The-Go} leaves Venus’s hands free for the task of bringing Civility, Refinement and Love into the world. . . and her legs free to kick off the dogs.

Look who’s wearing the {WOG}!

A positive miracle of refinement, Chopin believed that time was the best censor, patience a most excellent teacher and the {Wallet-On-The-Go} the best accessory for the dexterously inclined.

Look who’s wearing the {WOG}!

Full of fears, Hitchcock would do his best to avoid difficulties and any kind of complications…

” I like everything around me to be clear as crystal and completely calm”.

The {Wallet-On-The-Go} let’s him focus on the drama while keeping the tedium of organization at arms length.

Look who’s wearing the {WOG}!

A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon…

or for one of these fetching red {Wallet-On-The-Go}.

“The Little Corporal” perhaps, but Boney now has his hands free

and Power can once again be his Mistress!

Look who’s wearing the {WOG}!

As Gertrude Stein once wrote:

“Do you really think I would, yes I would and,

Do you really think I could, yes I could”

And she did… purchase two!