Building a shop worktable

I have just finished building my professional worktable. 39″ high, 48″ deep and 72″ long. This will allow for heavy bolts of fabric to be rolled out, traced and cut as well as offering a smooth surface to flat pattern on. A lot of heavy lifting and my wrists are beyond help, but it fits perfectly and, with locking swivel casters, can be moved with ease.


I built it using these instructions as a guide: The changes I made were in the height as well as the support construction for the bottom shelf. My costs came to $125. as I already had some of the 2X4’s, plywood, surface layments and locking casters.


Measuring accurately is key, use a level and carpenters square. Pre-drill all holes. For the table top surface (placed on top of the 3/4″ plywood) I prefer using a 4′ X 8′ sheet of homasote cut down to size. I screw this down into the ply (gently – and just screw the heads down flush to the surface), then cover that with thick melton wool, which is then covered with a smooth/tight canvas. The wool is denser and has a better life than batting, if you cannot afford wool yardage, then find an old wool blanket (no holes) at the thrift store. Word to the wise, never ever bungee cord your plywood to the roof of your car. Just don’t do it!


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