‘Good Work’

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A note to the self employed:
Don’t hang your hope in luck. I know you can’t control inspiration but you can work… it keeps the ship moving, it keeps your skills active. It makes a person focused and engaged through the good times and keeps you going through the difficult ones.
So you can say Good Luck, but good luck always means Work Hard.

Picture is of my templates and working samples for the dress ornamentation on Mother Ginger’s costume for The Tulsa Ballet’s Nutcracker.

2 Responses to ‘Good Work’

  1. I am glad you kept at it Brent. The hard truth of our impermanence and the current concision of any career in the visual arts, can work away at a persons mental & physical well-being. I’ve always believed that you have to get up, do the chores, get out, move forward, work through it. You have to fight.
    Something which worries me no end is the inertia and depression around me. Passivity is the worst enemy for a creative person… it is fatal, there is no heartbeat in it!

  2. Brent Turner says:

    Bravo Christine, well said.
    Two years ago when the economy was kicking my ass, my work load was so meager that I could have applied for food stamps. I have worked professionally as a photographer at that time for 38 years. My base clients of architects, construction firms, and interior designs had crashed due to the real estate debacle. It was autumn and at this time of year, my usual work load begins to typically slow. I was so worried, that my creative center was coming apart. I was feeling numb and frozen. Also at this some close work associates had passed away. I knew I needed to keep my photographic creative edge intact or I would lose my mojo. By chance, I was raking leaves one evening with the thought, that with all this free time on my hands, I should at least keep the appearance of my home up to snuff in case I might have to put in on the market. As the late afternoon came to a close, the most beautiful sunset arose through the trees in my woods. I knew this needed to be photographed, no matter if no one but myself ever saw the out come. As a result, I produced over the next three or four weeks some of my best purely creative works in thirty-eight years. I even use this one particular image as my business card. Creating is hard work. Seeing is hard work. Mental visualization is hard work. Post production with images take years to master the subtle nuances. Well, luck can be an alliance in deed but I usually feel uneasy when I have discovered that a projected turned out successfully due more to luck than to hard work. Creativity take practice just like playing a musical instrument, or dancing, or cooking, or anything that one takes their limited time upon earth to pursue.

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