Color work

Today I am refining the Inspiration board for Ma Cong's new work for the Tulsa Ballet. A beautiful piece set in part to the very evocative Fado music of Portugal. My inspiration comes from the palette of the ocean, sand, rusted and oxidized metals as well as the natural murex purple dye produced from shellfish.

Colored shawls on the left with my dyed samples on the right. This kind of work is very important to me as a designer. Color sets the stage, not just literally but also psychologically. Faber Birren, a color theoreticist, noted that "the sound of the oboe is violet, bass notes are brown, percussion notes are orange.” This brings to mind what John Ruskin said in his “Elements of Drawing” 1857: “The whole value of what you are about depends on color. If the color is wrong, everything is wrong: just as, if you are singing, and sing false notes, it does not matter how true your words are."

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