{Luceo Jewelry}

Introducing {LUCEO} jewelry. Designed in the tradition of French Couture Parure and Costume Jewelry, my work has a distinct signature; the jewelry is handmade and the main used materials are dyed fabrics such as linens and silks instead of a metal. The fabric is richly decorated and signed at the back of each piece with a fabric label.

Beautiful fabrics, hand dyed and foiled then embellished by hand with semi-precious gems, multi-colored beads, crystals, jet, vintage beads and sequins from around the world, even 300-year-old tiny Hungarian coins are among the glittering things that I use in this jewelry.

The longer bands can be worn a number of ways; as a necklace/choker, they can be worn around the neck and tied into a knot or bow. As a headband, the dyed elastic nylon ties adjust to the level of tightness you need and stretch gently and effectively to hold back your hair. The longer bands can also be wrapped a couple of times around the wrist as a bracelet.


The bracelets are made to adjust from a 5″ to an 8 1/2″ wrist size.

Lightweight and easy to wear, all bands and bracelets have a wool felt interior structure that has been rounded and therefore falls beautifully around the neck, head or wrist. They are finished with a bias cut hand sewn silk back, a bead slider that allows the band to be adjusted to fit and closes with stretch ties that have beautifully embellished ends.


They are labor intensive rather than resource intensive and I use absolutely no glues which keeps the item soft and pliable.

natural luceo

Every piece is a one of a kind in a numbered series; it would be impossible to replicate any of them exactly.


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