CJDLDESIGN is founded on the principle that good design should be functional, beautiful and well made. I insist on beautiful colors, high style, quality materials, and economy of use. CJDLDESIGN can design and manufacture custom garments as well as costumes for dance, pageants, competitions and theatre productions. I can also develop products for your business or create unique private label designs for resale.

• In addition to product development and design, I can create illustrations, technicals and logo’s for purposes such as editorial & books, textile & fashion products, stationery, labels & packaging.
• If you are interested in my work as a Dyer Colorist, I am happy to discuss with you my dyeing techniques for varied fiber contents & fabric/textile structures.
• Textile Design: print design – pattern and surface decoration.
• Manufacture & supply sourcing, pattern-making, cutting, sewn product manufacturing & fabric appreciation.

Please send me a message with your contact information and a brief description of your needs. cjdldesign@earthlink.net

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