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A muslin prototype for my {Workclothes} line. This is the fifth incarnation of this particular item and is almost to the point where I can sample and grade.

shopskirt prototype

A multi-purpose shopskirt, adapted for the entertainment industry and specialized uses and trades such as sewers, cutters, backstage and wardrobe personnel, makeup artists, hairdressers, artists, tailors, waiters, DIY enthusiasts and similar such artisans. (If you don’t feel like working, just hit the trails with this on; clip on your water bottle, hang a whistle and fill those pockets with trail mix!) The versatile shopskirt allows for greater freedom of movement and will keep tools, cellphone, ipod and other items in its pockets and loops while on the job. Add-on’s such as scissor-loops, sewing pin-pad, bottle clip etc. It is adjustable and will come in 5 sizes with a solid fit on the hips. Pockets are lined with coated nylon oxford cloth and it is pre-washed and finished soft.


The shopskirt is solidly sewn in my cotton/poly twill and will be offered in 8 colors.

standard colors copy

It has my “seal-of-approval”!

shopskirt label